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Peanut, also known as groundnuts or mungfali in Pakistan, are an important crop grown in many regions of the country. Peanut are widely used in the Pakistani cuisine, as well as in various processed foods such as peanut butter, oil, and snacks. The price of peanuts in Pakistan is determined by a variety of factors, including supply and demand, local weather conditions, and global market trends.

In general, the price of peanuts in Pakistan tends to be higher during the harvesting season, which typically occurs from October to November. During this time, the supply of fresh peanuts is abundant, and prices tend to be more stable. However, prices can fluctuate depending on factors such as the quality of the peanut, the location of the market, and the volume of exports to other countries.

As of 2021, the average price of peanuts in Pakistan is around 150 to 200 Pakistani Rupees per kilogram. This price can vary depending on the location and quality of the peanuts. For example, peanuts grown in Punjab tend to be more expensive than those grown in other regions of the country due to their higher quality and better yields. Similarly, organic peanuts tend to be more expensive than conventionally grown peanuts due to the extra labor and resources required to produce them.”Peanuts”

Another important factor that can affect the price of peanut in Pakistan is the global market. Pakistan is a major exporter of peanut, and the country’s peanut prices are often influenced by international demand and supply. For example, a drop in demand from major importers like China or India can lead to a decrease in prices, while an increase in demand from countries like the United States or Europe can lead to an increase in prices.

Overall, the price of peanut in Pakistan is subject to a variety of factors, both domestic and global. While the general trend is towards stability and moderate increases over time, fluctuations can occur due to changes in supply and demand, weather conditions, and global market trends.Peanut

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