Premium 500gm Box of Mazafati Dates – Buy Online at Best Price

Premium 500gm Box of Mazafati Dates – Buy Online at Best Price



  • Indulge in the sweet and succulent taste of Irani Mazafati Dates Khajoor, known for their premium quality and natural freshness. Buy online now and have them delivered straight to your doorstep.Title: Buy Irani Mazafati Dates Khajoor Online – Premium Quality and Natural Freshness
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Mazafati dates or Khajoor, along with different varieties along with Kharg and Piarom, are famous and ancient cultivated culmination in Iran. While these dates are native to Iran, they’re now additionally available in markets round the sector, inclusive of Pakistan. In this article, we are able to take a closer examine the charges of Mazafati, Kharg, and Piarom dates in Pakistani markets, and discover a number of the factors which could have an effect on the charge of these delicious culmination.

Mazafati Dates Price in Pakistan

Mazafati dates are one of the most popular and sought-after varieties of dates within the global. They are regarded for his or her rich, sweet taste and smooth, gentle texture. In Pakistan, Mazafati dates are widely available in markets and grocery stores, and their price can range depending on several factors.

Depending on the first-rate and availability of the dates, the fee of Mazafati dates in Pakistan commonly degrees from approximately PKR 500 to PKR 1500 in line with kilogramme. The price of Mazafati dates can be much less expensive at some point of the height season, which usually lasts from August to October, because of the greater supply of clean dates.

Kharg Dates Price in Pakistan

Kharg dates, also referred to as “Kharak,” are some other famous form of dates in Pakistan. These dates are huge, fleshy, and have a slightly tart flavor this is harking back to raisins. They are regularly utilized in desserts and other candy dishes, and also are eaten as a snack.

The price of Kharg dates in Pakistan can range relying at the season and availability of the dates. Typically, the charge of Kharg dates levels from PKR 400 to PKR 1200 consistent with kilogram. During the peak season, which normally falls between August and October, the fee of Kharg dates can be decrease because of the accelerated availability of sparkling dates.

Piarom Dates Price in Pakistan

Piarom dates, also referred to as “Maryami” or “chocolate dates,” are a top rate kind of dates that are famous in Pakistan and around the world. These dates are elongated, darkish brown, and feature a rich, complicated taste that is harking back to chocolate and caramel.

Due of their advanced exceptional and exceptional flavor, Piarom dates in Pakistan may cost a little extra than different dates. Piarom dates generally fee between PKR 800 and PKR 2000 in keeping with kilogramme in Pakistan, depending at the first-rate and deliver of the dates. Due to the more availability of sparkling dates in the course of the peak season, which normally lasts from September to November, the price of Piarom dates may be slightly lower.

Factors Affecting the Price of Dates in Pakistan

The price of dates in Pakistan can be stricken by several factors, which include:

Season: The charge of dates can vary depending on the season and availability of fresh dates. During the peak season, which commonly falls among August and November, the price of dates may be decrease due to the increased availability of fresh dates.

Quality: The high-quality of dates also can have an effect on their fee. Premium varieties which include Piarom dates may be extra costly in comparison to different sorts due to their particular flavor and satisfactory.

Packaging: The packaging of dates can also have an effect on their charge. Dates that are packaged in appealing and super boxes may be greater luxurious as compared to the ones that are packaged in simple luggage.

In conclusion, Mazafati, Kharg, and Piarom dates are famous and scrumptious fruits which can be extensively available in Pakistani markets. The charge of these dates can range depending on several elements, together with the season, great, and packaging. Regardless in their charge, those dates are a healthy and nutritious snack that can be enjoyed in a lot of approaches

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